Liberty of the Seas Villa Suite

The Liberty of the Seas Villa Suite features four bedrooms and a truly enormous balcony.
The Liberty of the Seas Villa Suite features four bedrooms and a truly enormous balcony.

Sometimes, you have to go all out. While we often try to save money on vacation, this was not that trip. For roughly the same cost per person as a Grand Suite, our group of 10 booked the Villa Suite on the Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas. With four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a balcony with a bar and hot tub, it was a once in a lifetime experience. The perks started on embarkation day.

The concierge walked us to our suite

There are a lot of perks which apply to any Grand Suite or higher on Royal Caribbean. Those perks vary somewhat depending on the exact ship. One of the perks is that the concierge will email you several days before the cruise. He or she will ask if you have any special requests. Since we were in this particular cabin, we got something extra. The concierge met us on the pier and offered to walk us to our room.

As a result, we were the first 10 passengers on the boat. I loved spending as little time as possible waiting to board. In addition, out room was ready when we boarded. That meant we went straight to it. We were able to drop off our luggage, and we enjoyed the first day without it.

Villa Suite balcony

The room itself was excellent, and I will write more about that in a bit. However, the principal reason to get this room is the balcony. We had a bar at one end. That bar had a refrigerator and a sink. We were able to order a few bottles through the Royal Caribbean gift store, and each of the adult brought two bottles of wine on board. Our concierge was able to arrange additional deliveries. Glasses were provided inside the cabin.

The balcony bar in our Villa Suite. We sailed the Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas in July 2019.

In addition to the bar, our balcony had a wide variety of chairs. There was also a lot of room to walk around. While there were 10 people staying in our cabin, 7 more stayed in other cabins. Our party of 17 fit comfortably on the balcony for social hour. There was a dining table with 8 chairs, although it could easily accommodate 10. There was also a hot tub. That was a great way to relax at the end of the day. The kids in our group also loved it as a private place to splash. Do make sure and watch your kids if they get in the water, of course.

Inside the room

This room, formerly known as the Presidential Suite, features four bedrooms and four bathrooms. Two of the bedrooms are master suites. These have their own private bathrooms and considerably more space. The two masters are not identical. The one on the port side feels larger and more open. The master bedroom to starboard feels smaller, but it has a private dressing area. Each master bedroom has a full bathtub with a shower.

The Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas Villa Suite offers a large indoor area for your group to gather.

The two smaller bedrooms were very, very small. Each can, theoretically, accommodate four people. There are two single beds on the ground which can be pushed together to form one king. There is a third single bed which folds down from the wall, and there is a fourth single bed which drops down from the ceiling. We had two girls in one room. They seemed to have enough space, and they were able to keep there room reasonably orderly.

There were four boys in the other small room, and it became a biohazard zone. While their beds were comfortable, there did not seem to be enough places to put their stuff. Also… boys. Boys aged 15, 13, 11, and 10. In retrospect, they might have needed more space. We tipped the room steward extra. Each smaller bedroom had a bathroom with a shower but no tub. These bathrooms were accessible from the main room. They would double as guest bathrooms.

In addition to the bedrooms, we had a large interior space. There was a small bar, a dining table for six, and a couch. This became a lovely gathering space for our group. Per person, this cabin cost roughly the same as a Grand Suite. It was an amazing experience, and I highly recommend it for a large group.

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