Z Limo from IAH to Galveston

Z Limousine took me from IAH to Galveston in a Lincoln Continental.
Z Limousine took me from IAH to Galveston in a Lincoln Continental.

I love cruising from Galveston. That’s the whole reason I started a blog about it. However, there is one major problem. Neither Houston airport is particularly convenient to the island. George Bush Intercontinental (IAH) is my preferred airport, and it is even further from the island than is Hobby (HOU). Happily, I’m writing this in a Z Limousine Lincoln Continental from IAH to Galveston. They are an excellent private car company which provides a lot of options for getting to your cruise.

I have now successfully arrived at the Harbor House, and the ride took an hour and 20 minutes door to door. That was despite a significant traffic jam along the way. My opinion of this company is incredibly high. Galveston Cruise Reviews contributor John Brawley Tophat used Super Shuttle from IAH to Galveston this Summer, and it is good to have multiple options.

Let’s start with the basics: You very much do need to arrange your ride in advance. I linked to their website above. Cost will depend on the vehicle you select. I paid $135 plus a 20% gratuity for a Lincoln sedan. That amount included all tolls and other fees. There are absolutely cheaper options out there. However, those options all involve a shuttle. I wanted personal service direct to my hotel.

My driver was waiting for me when I got to baggage claim. He assisted me with my luggage, and it was a short walk to the car. The ride was incredibly comfortable, and there was no waiting. We did not wait for other passengers, nor did we stop anywhere. The price was per car, so it would have been cheaper per passenger if I was with family or friends. On balance, Z Limo was a great option.

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