Carnival Dream Deck 10 Aft Restaurants and Pools

Pizzeria del Capitano is a free restaurant on Carnival Dream Deck 10 aft.

At Dine Drink Travel, we try to break our reviews into smaller pieces so you can quickly find what you are looking for. In this post, we talk about Carnival Dream Deck 10 aft. Specifically, we look at the pizzeria, small pool area, Seafood Shack, and bar. We have already reviewed the breakfast options on Deck 10, and we will review the main pool area later this month.

Our video walk through of Carnival Dream Deck 10 aft.

The Carnival Dream divides the space on Deck 10 (link to the Carnival web page). There are staterooms forward. After that is the main pool area, and that is followed by the buffet. The aft (back) area of Deck 10 features restaurants, a bar, a smaller pool. and hot tubs. It can sometimes be a quieter space than the main pool area. Perhaps the best feature on this part of the ship is the free pizzeria. They have pizza available for quick service at peak times, although lines can still get long. This pizzeria will also deliver to your room 24/7 for $5. The pizza isn’t my favorite ever, but it is still pretty good.

A lobster sandwich from the Seafood Shack.

The Seafood Shack was a bigger disappointment. I had a lobster sandwich which was… fine. It was certainly not worth paying extra for, and I would love to see that space re-purposed. It was, however, a nice space to sit and eat. You could certainly bring your pizza or your buffet items over there and enjoy your meal. The easiest way to get drink service here is from the Sunset Bar. I also enjoyed that space. The bar was your standard cruise ship pool bar, but less crowded that the mid-ships bars.

There was also a small pool and a couple of hot tubs. Those had more traffic than I would have expected on a chilly December cruise. Still, they exhibited the main benefits of this space- there was a quiet place to relax while you have ready access to food and drink. I hope you will watch the YouTube video above to get a better sense of the space. Happy cruising!

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