Carnival Fun Shops (Carnival Dream Deck 5)

A lot of people go shopping on cruises. It is a major part of the cruise line economic model. That also means that shopping is a major part of the space used on cruise ships. The Carnival Fun Shops on Deck 5 are where this shopping happens on the Carnival Dream. In this post, we want to give you a quick overview of the space and what is available. We will also have video and pictures to help you see what is available.

A quick video walk-through of the Carnival Fun Shops on Deck 5 of the Carnival Dream.

One of the shopping spots on every cruise ship is a general store– the place where you go if you need personal hygiene items, an aspirin, or other basic necessities you forgot to pack. The Carnival Fun Shops do this with a Carnival-themed store. Look for the spot where they sell t-shirts, coffee mugs, and everything Carnival-branded. The general store will be in there.

There is duty-free jewelry and liquor on every cruise. It is located in the same area on Deck 5 on the Carnival Dream. Personally, I prefer to do my liquor shopping in port. However, my friends who are Scotch drinkers say that the deals there can be good. I would check out the deals on Day 1 so you can compare and contrast when you get to port.

As for jewelry, candy, and everything else they sell, set yourself a budget before you get on board. You may very well find an excellent deal, but you also don’t want to buy something just because you are bored. Also, know that sometimes they have sales. That is another reason to look at the prices on Day 1 to get a baseline. That also lets you make friends with the staff, who may sometimes tell you about what sales are coming up. Happy sailing and shopping!

Looking down from the Carnival Fun Shops into the Lobby Bar on the Carnival Dream.

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