Best Steak on Fremont Street

Rib cap and lobster tail at Oscar’s in the Plaza Hotel. What do you think is the best steak on Fremont Street?

We have eaten at a lot of great steakhouses on the Las Vegas Strip. Prime, Heritage, Craftsteak, Gallagher’s, Carversteak, and Bavette’s are all strong options. Steak-adjacent places like Lawry’s Prime Rib and Morimoto are also a lot of fun, and over Labor Day we are eating at STK in the Cosmo and at SW at the Wynn. However, sometimes you just want the classic old-school cool of Downtown Las Vegas. So what is the best steak on Fremont Street? We have been to six places, and we liked them all. Ultimately, though, we split them up into three groups.

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Legacy Club at Circa Las Vegas

A firepit and cocktail on the outdoor patio of the Legacy Club at Circa Las Vegas? Yes, please!

Downtown Las Vegas has a lot of old school charm. That makes for a great trip, but it means you have to go to the Strip if you want an upscale bar or beautiful views. At least that is what it used to mean. With the addition of the Legacy Club, however, all that has changed. This bar sits on top of Circa, has a sophisticated ambiance, and has some of the best views in town. They also have the largest wall of whiskey I have seen in a long time.

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8 East Circa Las Vegas

8 East at Circa Las Vegas is one of the best spots to eat on the Fremont Street Experience. Check it out next time you are downtown.

When I go to Vegas, the highlight of my trip is finding excellent things to eat. The last couple of trips have been downtown, and I have enjoyed highlight steakhouses like Barry’s Downtown Prime and Oscar’s. However, at some point in the trip I always need a change of pace. Last month we went to 8 East in Circa Las Vegas. That was a fantastic overall dining experience.

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Golden Nugget VIP Lounge

The Golden Nugget VIP Lounge in Las Vegas offers a premium service, although the offerings are much more limited than at other Vegas properties.

We (me and a group of buddies) had a great trip to Vegas last month and stayed downtown for the first time. We ate at excellent spots like Barry’s Downtown Prime and Pizza Rock. For this trip, I stayed in a Parlor Suite at the Golden Nugget. I always try to create a premium experience by paying for access to the VIP lounge wherever I am. The Golden Nugget VIP Lounge was available for a $60 set price for the stay, so I booked it. I received excellent service, but with the limited hours and amenities I am not sure I would do it again.

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Barry’s Downtown Prime

Barry’s Downtown Prime is located in the Circa Hotel on the Fremont Street Experience.

Every time I go to Vegas, one of my highlights is having at least one nice steakhouse dinner. We stayed downtown last month, and for this trip decided to try Barry’s Downtown Prime. It is located in the Circa Hotel directly on the Fremont Street Experience. We enjoyed our experience very much, and we would certainly go back. On balance, though, I think there are steakhouses I prefer.

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