Hilton Miami Downtown for a pre-cruise stay

I have always been leery of coming in to a cruise port on the day my ship is scheduled to depart. There is too much that can go wrong with flight delays and flat tires, and that can ruin the entire vacation. For my cruise to Cuba, I took it a step further. I flew into Miami two days in advance to enjoy the city. Some of that has been (or will be shortly) posted on this sight. For now, however, I want to deal with the biggest part of arriving early. I needed a place to stay, and I selected the Hilton Miami Downtown. In this post, I will describe the room, the wifi, and the facilities available. Continue reading “Hilton Miami Downtown for a pre-cruise stay”

Pre-cruise stay at the Hampton Inn Galveston, TX

The “suite” at the Hampton Inn in Galveston.

If you are cruising out of Galveston, the smart thing to do is get there the night before. You don’t have any stress of making the long drive from the Houston airports the day of the cruise, and Galveston is a great addition to your vacation in any event. Unfortunately, lots of other folks are making that same choice. That means that hotel rooms in Galveston cost a lot and frequently require two night stays. The Hampton Inn Galveston avoids this problem by offering (relatively speaking) reasonable rates, easy ability to cash in your Hilton HHonors points for a free stay, and by only requiring a one night stay. We stayed there for our cruise on the Liberty of the Seas in June 2017 and on the Navigator of the Seas in August 2015. Continue reading “Pre-cruise stay at the Hampton Inn Galveston, TX”