Royal Caribbean showing negative account balances this morning

One of the ways I get through my day is making note of how long it is until my next cruise. It turns out that I board the Liberty of the Seas in 20 days, 2 hours, and 11 minutes, so I just logged in to my reservation. It shows I have a negative balance of about $1300. Which means Royal Caribbean thinks they owe me money. That would be sweet if it was possibly true, but I cannot think of how it might be.

It turns out the negative amount was exactly the amount of my purchases for drink packages and internet, and I would very much like to have both of those things. Concerned that RCCL had cancelled my packages, I called in and was assured that they showed I had those things and a zero balance. The representative with whom I spoke had no idea of what I might be looking at. So I did what I tend to do in situations like this and crowd sourced an answer from Cruise Critic. It turns out that the accounts of multiple people are showing the same error this morning, and it looks like Royal Caribbean has no idea that it is happening.

So the moral of this story– when planning an international trip, something unusual is going to happen. Keep paper copies of what you have done as those will help you when the IT shop of your travel provider will not. See how the experience of others meshes with your own, call the travel provider directly, and keep calm. And, whatever else you do, don’t get between me and the bar on embarkation day. That would just be silly.

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