Carnival Dream Ocean Suite

A Carnival Dream Ocean Suite is smaller than a Grand Suite. Still, it offers plenty of room for 2 and enough for 3-4 people.
A Carnival Dream Ocean Suite is smaller than a Grand Suite. Still, it offers plenty of room for 2 and enough for 3-4 people.

Some folks cruise by booking the smallest cabin they can. I get that. It is cheaper, and lots of folks want to spend time out on deck anyway. I am a little bit different. I like spending quiet time in my room, and I want extra space to spread out. For example, we sailed in the Villa Suite on the Liberty of the Seas this Summer. Suite perks also add a nice touch to the vacation. Last month, I sailed in a Carnival Dream Ocean Suite. It was a great space, and I would like to take a minute to show you what to expect.

I was sailing by myself on this trip, so I didn’t actually need extra space. I just wanted it. There is great tranquility in having a private place to be. I also enjoy having a more premium experience. Like most cruise lines, Carnival provides perks to guests staying in suites. These weren’t as extensive as they are on Royal Caribbean, but they added nice touches like a shorter check in line. Somebody also brought cookies to my room one day. For me, the room isn’t just about the room. I enjoyed the extras that came with it.

As for the room itself, it was excellent. One of the biggest benefits of a suite is the extra bathroom space. That is probably easiest to see in the YouTube video I took of the room. I have linked to it below. The bathroom had a tub with jets, dual sinks, and plenty of storage. There was also a separate dressing space with a desk, an extra closet, and an extra power plug. If your family needs extra space to get ready, a Carnival Dream Ocean Suite will certainly provide it.

One of the other things I look for in a room is power plugs. There was both good news and bad news here. The bad news is that there were only two traditional power plugs in the room. Each had an outlet for U.S. and for European style appliances. The good news is that Carnival compensates for this with extra USB plugs. There were four lamps in the room, and each had two USB plugs. That provided 8 additional places to plug things in.

As for the room itself, the bed was incredibly comfortable. Mine was made as a king bed, although the steward could easily split it into two single beds. There was also an excellent sitting area. There was a work space, loads of storage, and a TV with some decent choices. The room was great. The only frustration was noise. I was in stateroom 7330. Each morning at about 4:30, there was some horrible clanging in the ship’s pipes. It lasted about 10 minutes and was guaranteed to wake you up. I always went back to sleep later, but that was annoying.

A Carnival Dream Ocean Suite includes a lovely balcony. It isn’t particularly deep, but it is very wide.

The suite also included a lovely balcony. There were two chairs with a table for your drinks. In addition, there was a full length lounger where you could sleep. I am standing beside the lounger in this photo. Unfortunately, the balcony did not have space for a second lounger. I loved my Carnival Ocean Suite overall. Happy sailing!

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