Legacy Club at Circa Las Vegas

A firepit and cocktail on the outdoor patio of the Legacy Club at Circa Las Vegas? Yes, please!

Downtown Las Vegas has a lot of old school charm. That makes for a great trip, but it means you have to go to the Strip if you want an upscale bar or beautiful views. At least that is what it used to mean. With the addition of the Legacy Club, however, all that has changed. This bar sits on top of Circa, has a sophisticated ambiance, and has some of the best views in town. They also have the largest wall of whiskey I have seen in a long time.

We put a video of the Legacy Club space on our Dine Drink Vegas YouTube channel. Both the inside and the outside are gorgeous, and which one you want really depends on the weather. My heart is with the outside seating and the sweeping views of the city. The problem is that Vegas is, you know, in the middle of the desert. That means it gets really cold in the winter and really hot in the Summer. If the weather is going to be outside your comfortable range, make a reservation inside. Speaking of, you can make reservations and check out current prices here. I *definitely* recommend making reservations, by the way.

We had dinner that night at Barry’s Downtown Prime before heading up to our reservation at Legacy Club. The combination made for a lovely evening (even if I do prefer Oscar’s for a steak downtown). Do be careful to pace out your cocktails, however, since most reservations at Legacy Club have a drink or spending minimum. Drinks at dinner followed by drinks here might well put you over your comfort zone.

The build your own Old Fashioned at Legacy Club.

One of the most impressive features of Legacy Club is the giant wall of whiskey at the bar. Seriously, I cannot think of a bourbon I know which wasn’t represented. My Scotch drinking friends assured me the same was true for their favorite tipple. The excellent bartenders make a number of other beautiful cocktails, but they tended to be too sweet for my taste. Whiskey drinks is definitely the way to go here.

So make reservations, and definitely pay attention to whatever the spending minimum is on your particular night. However, Legacy Club is absolutely worth checking out when you are in Downtown Vegas. For that matter, I would make a trip and check it out even if you are staying on the Strip.

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