Best Steak on Fremont Street

Rib cap and lobster tail at Oscar’s in the Plaza Hotel. What do you think is the best steak on Fremont Street?

We have eaten at a lot of great steakhouses on the Las Vegas Strip. Prime, Heritage, Craftsteak, Gallagher’s, Carversteak, and Bavette’s are all strong options. Steak-adjacent places like Lawry’s Prime Rib and Morimoto are also a lot of fun, and over Labor Day we are eating at STK in the Cosmo and at SW at the Wynn. However, sometimes you just want the classic old-school cool of Downtown Las Vegas. So what is the best steak on Fremont Street? We have been to six places, and we liked them all. Ultimately, though, we split them up into three groups.

Good steakhouses downtown

We have been to six steakhouses over the last year in Downtown. We liked all of them, and we would go back to any of them. At the bottom of the list, though, were those places which were simply good. We would definitely go back to any of them, but it simply isn’t a priority. You can see a full video review on the Dine Drink Vegas YouTube channel, and the links in this paragraph will take you directly to this reviews. However, our three least favorites were Triple George Grill, Hugo’s Cellar, and Barry’s Downtown Prime. They were good, but none of them is the best steak in Las Vegas.

Triple George Grill has a fantastic bar. They are also open for lunch, and they have a heavy crowd from the Vegas courthouse and city government. That means it is the sort of place which is not exclusively catering to tourists. You can also get a nice NY strip, veggies, and potatoes for $33– at least I did at lunch. However, the steak was a touch under-seasoned and there were no real “wow” items on the menu. I loved it and plan to go back, but I think of Triple George more as a place for a very nice lunch than a high-end dinner in Vegas.

The shrimp cocktail at Triple George Grill is a real highlight. It comes served with a mango cocktail sauce.

Hugo’s Cellar and Barry’s Downtown Prime were also very good, and both of those establishments have set themselves up to be high end steakhouses. The problem is that each of them fell short, at least a little bit. Barry’s was good, but it charges too much for what it is. A $27 shrimp cocktail should come with more than 3 shrimp, and the steak could have used more salt and pepper. Again, it was fine, just not worth what we paid for. Hugo’s Cellar started off with fantastic service and food, but after my entree it took about 45 minutes to flag down a waiter and pay my check. The end of meal service experience left a bad taste in my mouth, but I would be willing to give it another shot. Happily, the next two restaurants upped their game quite a bit.

Not the best steak in Vegas, but…

The next two steakhouses were really, really good and I look forward to my next trip to either. Let me get started with Top of Binion’s. The view from this place is great, and you should try to be there for a couple of hours as day changes to night. Sunset is just gorgeous. In addition to the view, my ribeye was great. It was served with one of the better risottos I have had in a while. They had a really generous pour of Hardy XO cognac for $35, and that is an absolute steal. My ribeye, vegetable, and choice of starch were $60. This place was *really* close to being my favorite spot in Vegas, but two things held it back.

The first is that there was no bar menu– you had to rely on the waiter accurately remembering what they had, and there were no specialty drinks. Second, yet one more time there wasn’t enough salt and pepper on the steak. That was easy to handle, though, with the three kinds of salt they brought for my bread at the start of the meal. Top of Binion’s is fantastic.

The view from Top of Binion’s is fantastic.

Similarly, I had a great meal at Vic and Anthony’s in the Golden Nugget. I went in expecting not to like it since it is part of a large multi-restaurant chain. I was wrong. The space is a little dark, and I am not a huge fan of the crowded mess which is the Golden Nugget. However, they offered me a 2 oz pour– a very large dram– of Eagle Rare bourbon for $14. That is an amazing deal. The Texas Candy I put on my steak was amazing, The tuna poke my buddy got as an appetizer was great. The reason Vic and Anthony’s isn’t my favorite isn’t anything they did wrong– I just found a place I like even better.

The best steak in Downtown Las Vegas

So what is the best steak on Fremont Street? For me, that is pretty easy. My friends and I love Oscar’s in the Plaza. The bar service is great, both for standards and custom cocktails. The rib cap is great, and it was seasoned perfectly. The service and the side orders were great. Pictures of Oscar Goodman with various presidents and other leaders really adds to the ambiance of the place. The link above is to our video review of the place, but we highly encourage you to check it out. Look for a piece from us later this Fall about steakhouses on the Strip, but know that any time you go downtown you have amazing options.

The view down Fremont Street from Oscar’s. At Dine Drink Travel, we think this is the best steak house on Fremont Street.

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