Best Buffet in Las Vegas

What is the best buffet in Las Vegas? That is a tough choice, and it partially depends on what you want. However, the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars is hard to beat if you have the cash- and if you spring for a line pass.

Most of the people in our travel group are two-meal-a-day folks– particularly when we are in Vegas. Dinner is usually something upscale, and brunch is generally something less expensive which appeals to the whole group. That means we wind up at quite a few buffets, and we have reviewed a ton on them on our Dine Drink Vegas YouTube channel buffets playlist. Which one, however, is the best buffet in Las Vegas? That is a tough question to answer. We may occasionally edit this post, but we have split them into four groups– the great, the good, the perfectly reasonable places to eat, and the places we wouldn’t care to repeat. As we look at each group, we will also talk about cost since that will absolutely drive part of your choice.

All the links below are to specific YouTube videos of these buffets. We promise we won’t ever make you watch us eat, and we try to make the videos short and focused enough to get you the information you need to make your travel plans without spending too much time watching irrelevant content.

There is no best buffet in Las Vegas– but these places are pretty good.

In my mind, there are three buffets in Las Vegas which stand out from the rest. The problem is that these places can be significantly more expensive than their competitors. The specifics depend on exactly when you are going, and in each case lines can get long. I encourage you to see what options they have for a buffet fast pass. Sadly, that information seems to shift too often for a static web page. However, the basics stay consistent at each place.

The Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars is the most expensive, but it also probably has the most choices. I don’t know for sure, though, because I am not smart enough to count that number of dishes. There are two things I particularly enjoy at Bacchanal, though– the Asian station in the back and the carving station right in the middle of the buffet. My buddies tend to also like the variety of seafood available. Mmmmmm, crab legs.

In my mind, there are two other buffets which are absolutely in the same league. The Wynn buffet has, far and away, the nicest decorations. There are beautiful floral displays everywhere to complement the excellent food, and they are reliable about having my favorite dish– glazed pork belly. The Wicked Spoon Buffet at Cosmo is also excellent. Their particular thing is food served in individual presentation dishes. All three of these places are fantastic, though, and the Dine Drink Travel team has robust disagreements about which one we prefer.

Really good buffets

While there may be no single best buffet in Las Vegas, the ones in the section above are the league leaders. Still, there are at least two other buffets which are excellent and worthy of a mention. The Bellagio Buffet is excellent, and is has a lot of choices. Still, you get the feeling that they knew they were best 15-20 years ago and then stopped. The decor is the same. The choices are the same. The number of options is the same, and it has been outpaced by the previous choices. It is a very good choice and we are delighted to go back, but it isn’t the very best.

The other options in this category is the Palms AYCE Buffet. This is actually fairly similar to the Bellagio in terms of number and quality of choices. The major drawback is that you either have to be staying there or get a ride over– there are no hotels near enough to walk. However, we also paid $35 each for a Sunday brunch including tax and champagne, even on a holiday weekend. That is a *lot* less than any place else in these first two sections, and it has a lot better choices than similarly priced options.

Buffets I would be perfectly willing to eat again

The places in this section aren’t part of the competition for best buffet in Las Vegas. Still, sometimes you don’t want the best possible buffet. Sometimes you want a perfectly competent meal at a reasonable price. That is where these places deliver.

Of the ones in this category, my favorite is probably the hidden breakfast buffet at the New York New York. It is only open for breakfast, and it has the fewest choices. However, they have corned beef hash and probably do the best job of keeping everything fresh. It is also pretty easy to just walk in most of the time. Luxor and MGM both have buffets with a reasonable number of choices in you are staying nearby, although you might spend more time finding one or two dishes you particularly enjoy instead of eating everything. The Kitchen buffet at Resorts World is also fine, although it seems kind of like an afterthought placed in the middle of the restaurant.

The “no thanks” list

Really, I have only ever been to one buffet in Vegas which I just didn’t enjoy. The Main Street Station Garden Court Buffet is, to the best of my knowledge, the only buffet still functioning in Downtown/Fremont Street. Honestly, I would check out one of the fantastic steakhouses in Downtown Las Vegas (text link) instead for lunch or supper, or eat the best breakfast in Las Vegas at Siegel’s 1941 at the El Cortez. The Garden Court Buffet just didn’t have that many things which appealed to me. Check out the link above, though, so you can see all of the choices and make your own decision.

There are lots more buffets we have tried, but these are the ones we have seen since we started taking video footage. Stay posted to see more choices soon!

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