Is the Excalibur buffet in Las Vegas a good bet?

The Excalibur buffet in Vegas is... fine, but if you are in the mood for something quick and easy I would probably just go to the food court.

A few months ago, we wrote a post about the best buffets in Las Vegas. Being dedicated scholars of the Las Vegas arts, however, we kept trying more buffets. In January 2023, that included a trip to the Excalibur buffet. While the people were lovely and the space was clean, I do not know that this is a place I would go back to. Honestly, if you just want a quick and easy meal and happen to be in the area, I would probably go to the Excalibur food court.

What does the Excalibur buffet have to offer?

We did a video review of this buffet on the Dine Drink Travel Vegas YouTube page. I already wrote that this is not my top dining choice in Vegas. However, that does not mean it was all bad. Every person I met was lovely– the cashier, the host, the waiter, and the servers. The people are great. There are also a fair number of choices, and the space was spotless. I actually enjoy the self-serve beverages, and having flavored sparkling waters was a nice touch. They serve the same menu all day (the close in the middle of the afternoon), and the price is reasonable. As of April 2023, the Excalibur’s website says it costs $31.99 on weekends and $28.99 Monday through Thursday. Kids 5-11 are $16.99 or $17.99 depending on the day.

So why not eat at the Excalibur buffet?

So why not eat there? In short, there are better choices. If you specifically want a breakfast buffet, you can go across the street to the NYNY hidden breakfast buffet. If you want a nicer buffet, hop in a can and try the Palms or the Wicked Spoon or any number of other places. If you just want a bite to eat, the food courts at the MGM Grand and the Excalibur are both pretty good. If you simply want a quick bite to eat, like I said, the Excalibur food court is a better choice.

Nothing here was bad. It is just that nothing here was great. There certainly wasn’t anything which makes me want to go back. Decide what it is you want from your meal and go from there. If you want cheap and easy, try the food court or a different buffet. If you specifically want a high end buffet, try Caesars or maybe the Wynn. Vegas has so many amazing dining choices, and this just wasn’t one of them.

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