Aria Sky Suites VIP Lounge

The Aria Sky Suites VIP Lounge has comfortable seating, private check-in, and a wide selection of snacks.

A couple of things matter to me on every trip to Las Vegas. I want to feel like a VIP, and I want to avoid standing in lines at all costs. That costs money, but sometimes that money is worth paying. If you are staying at the Aria Sky Suites, you have already solved that problem since VIP lounge access is included. Please note that this is not for every room at the Aria– I am specifically talking about the Sky Suites section of the hotel. However, the included perks of VIP lounge access are pretty fantastic.

What is the Aria Sky Suites VIP lounge like?

First, the VIP experience starts before you ever get to the lounge. A concierge will email you to see if you need anything for your stay. Your concierge will also ask for your flight details, because a limo is going to meet you on arrival. I *love* the feeling of going down the escalator to baggage claim at the Vegas airport and seeing a sign with my name on it. It also saves you time in getting the party started.

The limo takes you to a private hotel entrance. You walk down a short hallway to a private registration area which is much less crowded than the main Aria lobby. The clerks also try to be as helpful as they can, and you are on your way quickly. The lounge is also located by the Sky Suites elevator bank, which makes it easy to get up to your room.

You then have access to the lounge until you check out. There is a comfortable seating area, although we never found much use for that except for when we were waiting for a car. However, the real winner was the included snacks. I took the video above during out last trip, and that shows you a little more specifically what to expect. There were rumors of included wine, although I never saw it. The snacks and non-alcoholic drinks were great, though. For me, the biggest win was the free coffee from the high end cappuccino machines. I cannot tell you how often I have awoken in Vegas and… needed coffee very quickly. You can walk in and get a free cup whenever you want it.

But is it worth the price?

So, obviously, there is one pretty big drawback to the Aria Sky Suites VIP lounge. It costs a lot of money to gain access. In this case, there is no separate fee as there is at some hotels. Rather, you just have to be staying in a Sky Suites room. Those aren’t cheap, although you can score good deals if you log in to your MLife account. Better deals are obviously available in the middle of the week.

Whether it is worth it is very much up to you. For example, the Waldorf Astoria (the link is to our review) is in the area and is an amazing experience even if you don’t have a VIP lounge. If you want a high end Vegas experience, however, it is worth pricing out one of these rooms. Having access to that lounge definitely helped make our trip a lot of fun.

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