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I like to live it up when I go to Vegas, and I *hate* standing in lines as part of my vacation. That’s why I look for the VIP lounge at whatever hotel I am staying at. I have links at the bottom of this post to several VIP lounges in Vegas, but today I want to talk about the Bellagio VIP Lounge Experience. I have a video tour of the space on the Dine Drink Vegas YouTube channel, and it is a great way to start a vacation. It is also a great choice if you need a cup of coffee in the morning and don’t want to wait in line at Starbucks.

What is the Bellagio VIP Lounge Experience?

There are three ways you can access the VIP lounge. One is to gamble an amount which I assume to be, roughly speaking, “a lot.” At that point your host can code you in. If that doesn’t work, the Bellagio website explains two different packages you can buy. For $100 a night, you can access the lounge. You have to be staying in at least a Fountain View King room, although those are surprisingly reasonable.

For $150 a night, you can also buy the Bellagio VIP Arrival Experience. The details are at the same link above, but basically it is the same package as above with a roundtrip airport limo. You have to be staying in an even nicer room to buy the package. However, for a short stay they VIP arrival experience might be worth it. Getting to and from the airport isn’t free, and the cab lines can get long. In addition, it is simply cool to have someone open the door to your limo and say, “Welcome to the Bellagio.”

The Bellagio VIP Lounge Experience includes free snacks and a coffee service. That is a much better idea than waiting in the line at Starbucks.
The Bellagio VIP Lounge Experience includes free snacks and a coffee service. That is a much better idea than waiting in the line at Starbucks.

What amenities are included?

I linked to a video tour of the space above, and I hope you will check it out. However, the most important amenity to me is the lack of lines. When you check in, someone will help you very quickly. If you have a question during your stay, they are helpful and usually immediately available. There is also a quiet space to relax if you simply need a minute away from the hustle and bustle of the casino floor.

In addition, there is a nice selection of snacks. I heard rumors of an evening wine service, but I was never there to see it happen. There are some pretty basic amenities, however, that are even more important. First, you can always get water and very good coffee. You know how important that is first thing in the morning if you have ever been to Vegas before. *Of course* Starbucks will sell you a cup of coffee. For me, though, there is no reason to wait in line and pay a lot of money when I can just go to the lounge.

The Bellagio VIP Lounge Experience also feature one other excellent perk. There are two private restrooms which are constantly cleaned. That is a huge asset right off the casino floor. There are also elevators to the floors where most of the suites are located. While you can access those floors from general elevators, the whole point of the experience is to give you an exclusive fell. I enjoy that very much, and I will pay the extra money to get the Las Vegas experience I am looking for.

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