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Yesterday, we wrote about the American Express Centurion Lounge Las Vegas. It is a great place to wait for a flight, and it is convenient to the American Airlines gates. However, it isn’t tied to any one airline so you can’t get much help in irregular operations. The United Club Las Vegas is different. You can only get in if you are flying United, but the agents can do a lot more to help if something goes wrong with your flight.

The United Club is located right by United’s gates in Las Vegas. You have to fly United that day to get in. You can either be a United Club member, hold certain United credit cards, or you can sometimes buy a day pass. I bought the day pass when I bought my flight since I knew I would want to check it out. If you want to see the space, you should check out the video on our Dine Drink Vegas YouTube channel. That video will also show you the specifics of what they had at the bar and what snacks they had to eat.

As with all private airport lounges, the largest benefit is clean restrooms. There are fewer people using them, and they are cleaned more regularly, and it is just nicer. There are also agents there who are empowered to help you when things go wrong. Go their first place if your flight gets cancelled. They have a full bar, and while some drinks cost extra I got a perfectly nice Bloody Mary for free. They also have a nice included buffet for a good light meal option.

My free Bloody Mary at the United Club Las Vegas.
My free Bloody Mary at the United Club Las Vegas.

Can you find a place to sit in the United Club Las Vegas?

The other advantage in a private airline lounge is the seating. There are lots of comfortable seating areas configured however you need, and most of those having working power plugs to charge your device before you get on the plane. Good luck finding a comfortable spot to sit in the general terminal.

So is it worth it to buy a day pass? It depends on the purpose of your travel. However, I would do it if you are travelling alone or with one companion. The same thing goes if you know you will be at the airport a long time. There are two other options for airport lounges in Las Vegas, but the United Club has the biggest space and is the least likely to be overcrowded. Check it out!

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