Verizon poetry written by a disgruntled customer.

I previously wrote that Verizon has a whole lot of fine print in their contracts. Ultimately, however, they present a good option for Caribbean cruises and other short term travel abroad.  In April of this year, I switched from Verizon to AT&T because I was tired of dealing with Verizon customer service for routine problems. I also wanted to try a GSM carries. AT&T offered some real advantages, notably the ability to use almost any phone in the world. Ultimately, however, I switched back because the Verizon network is so much better in the Petroplex. However, the switch has inspired the following bit of Verizon poetry. It was written in various stages as I tried to get my new lines of service working:

Verizon, how do I hate thee?
Let me count the ways.
All I want is working service.
All I get are nays.

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How can Royal Caribbean customer service be so different on land and at sea?

I wrote a few days ago about a problem I was having with Royal Caribbean customer service. I booked a Villa Suite at what the agent told me was a refundable rate. Royal sent me a confirmation for a non-refundable deposit and declined to honor the original deal. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and I wrote about that in the original post. Today, I received the following reply. It did not encourage me that Royal Caribbean is trying hard to understand what actually happened: Continue reading “How can Royal Caribbean customer service be so different on land and at sea?”

Royal Caribbean customer service struggles with responses to consumer complaints

I wrote on Monday that Royal Caribbean had opened their Summer 2019 week-long Caribbean cruise schedule. I booked a cruise later that night at a refundable rate, and I wrote on Tuesday that I was disappointed that Royal Caribbean would not honor that deal and would only recognize it as a non-refundable rate. Based on that, I decided that the best way to process the complaint would be with the Better Business Bureau. Unfortunately, Royal Caribbean customer service remains sorely lacking. My purpose in this post is two-fold: I write to describe what Royal Caribbean’s policy is describing non-refundable deposits, and I write because I think it important to challenge them regarding significant customer service failings. Continue reading “Royal Caribbean customer service struggles with responses to consumer complaints”