Best Bar in Galveston

The single best bar in Galveston? I would head to the Tremont House. Pictured here is the Toujouse Bar located in the main lobby, although there are two excellent candidates at the hotel.

Galveston is an amazing place to visit. I intentionally get there early for every cruise we take to spend a couple of days in the city. Sometimes I go there just for the city itself. When I do that, I pretty much always want an evening cocktail. Happily, there are a lot of great and family-friendly watering holes. Unfortunately, it is hard to pick out a single favorite. We give an honorable mention nod to our friends at Hubcap Grill. Actually, that *is* the best bar in Galveston if you know you want bourbon. If you want a wider selection, however, and a different ambience, you should check out the Tremont House Hotel.

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Hotels within walking distance of the Galveston cruise pier

There are two hotels within walking distance of the Galveston cruise pier. Pictured here is the lobby of the Tremont House, the more upscale of the two options.

Galveston is my favorite city to cruise from. There is so much to do, and the city itself becomes a major part of the vacation. Beyond that, it is always a good idea to get to town at least one day before a cruise. You don’t want to miss the ship because your plane was late. We usually drive to Galveston, and that means I need a place to park my car. Last month, however, I flew to IAH, got a car service from the airport to Galveston, and was in town without a car. That meant I had to look up hotels within walking distance. Happily, there were two excellent options. I took video of the walk between each of them and the cruise pier.

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