Best Bar in Galveston

The single best bar in Galveston? I would head to the Tremont House. Pictured here is the Toujouse Bar located in the main lobby, although there are two excellent candidates at the hotel.

Galveston is an amazing place to visit. I intentionally get there early for every cruise we take to spend a couple of days in the city. Sometimes I go there just for the city itself. When I do that, I pretty much always want an evening cocktail. Happily, there are a lot of great and family-friendly watering holes. Unfortunately, it is hard to pick out a single favorite. We give an honorable mention nod to our friends at Hubcap Grill. Actually, that *is* the best bar in Galveston if you know you want bourbon. If you want a wider selection, however, and a different ambience, you should check out the Tremont House Hotel.

Notice how we haven’t told you the name of the bar yet? That is because this is a little bit of a trick question. The Tremont House actually has two bars, and both of them are fantastic. They are also very different experiences. If you want to find the best bar in Galveston, you probably need to visit both of them.

The Toujouse Bar is the main bar in the hotel. Before you decide that “main” is the same as “best,” hold that thought for just a second. It is a beautiful space with consistently strong bartenders and a wide selection of available liquors. One evening we sat there and a spontaneous piano concert broke out. They have a number of appetizers available, and the ambiance is excellent. It becomes slightly more formal in the evening, but you would still be comfortable there is the clothes you are likely to be wearing for an island vacation. Hotel non-guests are, of course, welcomed. This bar feels like old school charm, and I love it.

A walkthrough of the main lobby area of the Tremont House Hotel, including the beautiful Toujouse Bar.

So why isn’t Toujouse the best bar in Galveston?

Here’s the thing. It might be. It just depends on the experience you are going for. As we mentioned, Hupcap Grill also does consistently excellent work. It also turns out that we may have been several other delightful places where our memories are… incomplete. Then again, a great bar should leave you with a dominant impression you can tell your friends about later.

The other candidate for best bar in Galveston, however, is also at the same hotel. Take the elevator to the top floor and follow the signs for the Rooftop Bar. This is much more of a service bar. It isn’t that they don’t have nice things to drink, because of course they do. In a pinch, I am also confident they would be delighted to run downstairs and get more for you. However, as a point of emphasis, the focus at Toujouse is on amazing cocktails in a beautiful setting. The emphasis at the Rooftop Bar is a beautiful setting which has nice cocktails.

The Rooftop Bar at the Tremont House Hotel may be the prettiest outdoor space in Galveston.

I hope you will watch the two videos here to get a sense of which space you prefer. However, yeah, don’t just show up in Galveston and go directly to your cruise ship. Let yourself enjoy this beautiful city, including some fantastic watering holes. And if you are looking for the best place for a cocktail, I would go to the Tremont House, visit both bars, and decide which one you like best. Happy travels!

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