Best hamburger in Galveston

Hubcap Grill offers the best hamburger in Galveston. They also have the best bourbon selection on the island.
Hubcap Grill offers the best hamburger in Galveston. They also have the best bourbon selection on the island.

I am not a skinny man. There are lots of reasons for this, and one of the biggest is beef. One of the others is bourbon. I have had a great deal of both. I have now had hamburgers on four and a half continents (depending on how you count Central America). So, when I say this next bit it is out of considerable experience: Not only does Hubcap Grill have the best hamburger in Galveston, it is the best hamburger I have ever had. They also have an impressive bourbon selection, and I have already demanded that my family return when we are in Galveston this Summer for our cruise.

Hubcap Grill is located within walking distance of the Tremont House and the Harbor House hotels. That means it is the perfect spot to get a bite right before or after your cruise. When you start walking there, though, keep one thing in mind: What they have is hamburgers. They also have a couple of chicken sandwiches, and they do some interesting things with French fries. The link above will take you to their menu. Just know that this isn’t some funky bistro-pub where you can explore bar bites while pondering the fondue. What they have is hamburgers.

In addition to the best hamburger in Galveston, Hupcap Grill offers an impressive bourbon selection. They also offer some interesting beers, wines, and other mixed drinks.

But what if you get thirsty?

They statement, “What they have is hamburgers” is not completely fair. They also have an excellent bar. The highlight of the bar is an incredibly interesting bourbon selection. I discovered, for example, that I like Old Forester. Who knew? The proprietor then asked me all of the right questions about my Old Fashioned– what kind of sugar, how I wanted the orange peel, etc.

I probably shouldn’t over-emphasize the bar. It was superb, but this is absolutely a family-friendly place. There was a group eating there with kids, and I am bringing my own kids this Summer. Of course a hamburger place near the cruise pier caters to families. It just turns out they have a soft spot in their heart for dads who have been hauling around their family who want an excellent burger and a drink. The service was speedy and friendly, and Hubcap Grill is located in a building with a lot of Old Galveston charm. Check it out next time you are in town.

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