La King’s Confectionary in Galveston

La King’s Confectionary in Galveston, Texas. Go hear to know exactly what it feels like to be a kid in a candy store.

You have heard the expression “kid in a candy store,” but you probably don’t know– don’t really know– what that means. Old school candy stores a a dying breed, and it is hard to find a master of the craft. Happily, a few old school candy stores are still around. La King’s Confectionary in Galveston is the grand champion of the bunch. As a bonus, you are probably in Galveston on a day when it is hot outside, and delicious ice cream treats are always a good idea in that case.

The first thing that hits you at La King’s is the smell- it smells like candy. There is a lot of butter and sugar in the air, and it is a glorious thing. The largest reason for that is that they actually make their own candy in store:

Taffy pull at La King’s.

We have been to La King’s a bunch of times over the years, although the last couple of times have been in the Summer when we were waiting to take a cruise the next day.  That meant it was hot and unpleasant, and their ice cream shop sounded like a great idea. Seating is limited, but it works.

The inside of La King’s Confectionary in Galveston.

After you eat your ice cream, go to the candy counter and randomly start pointing at stuff. It will be delicious. This place is a great option when you are in Galveston, and it is walking distance from the cruise pier. It is a great way to pass part of the day, and your kids really need the experience of being in an actual candy store. You do too, for that matter.

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