New Carnival room service menu

New Carnival room service menu as of January 2018
New Carnival room service menu as of January 2018

John Heald is a brand ambassador for Carnival Cruise Lines. He features a ton of useful information on his Facebook page. Unfortunately, key details are sometimes lost in the volume of what he makes available. Earlier today he posted the details of the new Carnival room service menu. I have posted that above so you can access quickly. What are the details on the new menu?

Heald commented that Carnival room service sees a lot of food waste late at night. As a result, they are charging for late night deliveries. This is consistent with a move across the industry, although I tend to prefer the late night options on the Carnival room service menu. The prices aren’t particularly high, and it is the kind of food I want late at night. A cheese, bacon, and tomato sandwich would hit the spot.

What concerns me more is the relative lack of free options during the day. They have a few sandwiches, salads, and desserts for no additional charge, but that is pretty much it. Half of the daytime dining menu also has an upcharge. Carnival continues to have free choices available in other places around each ship. However, the free options from Carnival room service continue to dwindle.

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