American Undersea Warfare Center in Galveston, TX

Side view of the USS Stewart. The Stewart is an Edsall class destroyer at the American Undersea Warfare Center at Seawolf Park in Galveston, TX.

The American Undersea Warfare Center located at Seawolf Park in Galveston, Texas is an amazing experience. Containing both a World War 2 destroyer and a submarine, this park lets kids and adults alike experience history. You can climb through almost every part of both ships with excellent informational displays. While you do need to be reasonably physically fit to enjoy the experience, we went with our kids before our June 2017 cruise. We very much look forward to the chance to go back.

Admission to the ships isn’t free, but it is very reasonable at $10 for adults and $5 for children. They also have group and military discounts, and the funds go to the very good purpose of preserving these warships. It was a useful teaching moment with the kids– how hard it would be to live in cramped quarters far from home, what the war would have been like, the advance of technology, etc. Beyond that, it is simply cool to be able to climb through these ships. Below is a shot of us as we went through the crew dining quarters and rec lounge.

The crew dining quarters. I did not take good enough notes, but from the appearance of things this was in the submarine.

Please know that there are a lot of stairs, and it can be extremely hot inside the ships during the Summer. However, if you are in Galveston before a cruise or on a regular vacation I highly encourage you to check out these wonderfully maintained ships.

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