Olympia Grill Pier 21 Galveston, TX

Shrimp cocktail and a martini at Olympia at Pier 21 in Galveston, Texas.

We took a cruise earlier this year and got to Galveston a day early. I already wrote about the fantastic lunch we had that day, and by dinner the rest of our party had showed up. When we cruised in 2015 out of Galveston, our party of 6 had eaten at Olympia Grill on their Seawall location. This year, however, we were a party of 12 and wanted to eat on the harbor side nearer the cruise pier. We called and made reservations at Olympia Grill at Pier 21. They were able to accommodate our very large party, and we got great seats outside on the water. It was a fantastic way to spend our last regular meal on land.

When we got there, the restaurant was full. That brings me to an important point: Even if you are a small party, I would recommend calling in advance to make reservations. The Seawall location is in a strip mall and doesn’t have a huge amount of seating. The Pier 21 location, where we ate this time, seems larger (although I admit I did not count seats). The Pier 21 location also offers the possibility of dining outside. This is what our party looked like:

Party of 12 in outdoor seating at Olympia at Pier 21 in Galveston, Texas.

As the picture at the top of this post indicated, they offer excellent bar service. I concede the point that a martini is not a standard choice for a pre-cruise drink or a day on the beach– that would be something more rum-based– but it seemed like the right choice for this meal. It turns out I was correct. The rest of the menu is an eclectic combination of seafood and Greek food, although the combination works. Both locations were solid. However, for me the real win is going to the Pier 21 location and reserving a lovely table outside. It is definitely worth checking out.

For more Galveston dining options, check out our review of Fisherman’s Wharf. We stayed at the Hampton Inn Galveston.

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