Royal Caribbean Main Dining Room Menu Pimiento

Pimiento dinner menu in the main dining room on Royal Caribbean. The note saying “Exclusive to suite guests” only applies to room service orders. This was the menu for everyone at dinner.

The Pimiento main dining room menu (MDR) on Royal Caribbean looks really good, and I was cheering for it to be great. In the end, it was fine. This post is the last in my series about MDR menus on our June/July 2017 cruise, and I was generally impressed with the high quality of the food. Sadly, this meal was just OK.

I started with the arancini. Fried rice balls are a favorite treat of mine, so I was disappointed to receive what very much tasted like it had been pulled out of the freezer. They weren’t bad but there just wasn’t anything special about them.

The main dining room on the Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas.

The same thing applied with the garlic tiger shrimp I ordered for my entree. They tasted fine, but it was all rather bland. Happily, the dessert menu featured one of my favorite things.

The dessert menu on Pimiento night in the main dining room on Royal Caribbean.

Bread and butter pudding is one of the principal reasons I am OK with being fat. It tastes amazing, and this was a bit dry without a lot of flavor. Nothing on this dinner menu was bad, and the service was fantastic. Still, the Royal Caribbean main dining room menu changes a little each night. This was one of the two nights I might have considered dining in a specialty restaurant.

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  1. Thank you for your posts! We went on the Liberty last year and I forgot all that was available. Like you, I like a heads up on dining options. I’ve never had a bad meal in a cruise ship MDR, and RCI is outstanding as well.

    Happy Cruising!

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