Royal Caribbean lobster night Jasmine menu

The Jasmine menu in the Main Dining Room on Royal Caribbean. This was served on the sixth night of our Summer 2017 cruise. The note “Exclusive to Suite Guests” only mattered for room service. This was the menu for all guests in the main dining room.

Our cruise on the Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas started on June 25, 2017. The second formal night was night 6– we had just finished a fantastic day in Cozumel, and we all got back aboard in time to enjoy dinner in the main dining room (MDR). I admit that it is a bit hard to get excited about a formal evening as one is pouring oneself out of Señor Frogs on the pier, but we gave it a go. It is a good thing we did, because this was Royal Caribbean lobster night!

I started with the creamed wild mushrooms as an appetizer, and they were fantastic.

The creamed wild mushrooms in the Royal Caribbean main dining room.

What was particularly impressive about this was how they kept the crust so flaky. This is definitely an excellent dish to get when eating in the MDR. As for entrees, custom demands that one order the lobster. It looks like I messed up and do not have any useable pictures, but it was very good. I heard two principal complaints about it. The first was that this was some lower cost kind of lobster. Probably, but I live in the desert of western Texas. I ain’t going lobster fishing. It tasted great and looked nice. The second complaint is that they were fairly small. That is actually true, but this was night 6 of the cruise. I was stuffed. Also– and this is what makes cruises beautiful– they will bring you another if you want it. Lobster night is still a nice part of the cruise.

The Jasmine dessert menu Royal Caribbean offered us on the second formal night.

On this menu, I very much recommend the Baked Alaska.

Baked Alaska in the Royal Caribbean main dining room.

There is a small delay in getting it to your table, so the ice cream will have softened somewhat. However, the meringue stayed good and it tasted amazing. Royal Caribbean lobster night is excellent in the MDR.

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