Royal Caribbean Main Dining Room Saffron Menu

The Saffron dinner menu served Night 2 (sea day) on the Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas. This was the first formal night, and it was the lower key of the two formal nights.

The first full day of our cruise  this Summer on the Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas was spent at sea. That night our group assembled in the Main Dining Room (MDR) for the Saffron menu. This was the first formal night of the cruise. While we had the option of ordering it from room service since we were staying in a Grand Suite (hence the note about “exclusive to suite guests;” this was the MDR menu for everyone), but we enjoy the ritual of dinner every night. As luck would have it, this may have been my favorite dinner menu.

I started off with the recommended soup– the chilled banana and rum. This was an unusual choice for me, because I hate cold soup with a burning passion (yay fun plays on words!). I also love bananas, and it is possible that I may have enjoyed one or two glasses of rum in my time.

Chilled banana and rum soup on Royal Caribbean.

It was, in short, an excellent choice. I never know how much of their own work they do, but this tasted quite distinctly of what one would assume to be the two principal ingredients. It also tasted light. Continuing the theme of pretending to eat healthy since it was still early in the week, I order the pan-fried corvina fillet for my entree.

Pan-fried corvina fillet on the Royal Caribbean LIberty of the Seas.

This one particularly impressed me from their culinary staff. It is hard enough to prepare fish on land when you are serving a family of four. Keeping it moist when serving 3000 is really hard to pull off, but they did. The vegetables were also cooked to a nice consistency, and this was an incredibly tasty dish. Sadly, at this point I was pretty well done pretending to eat healthy. I had been presented with a dessert menu much earlier in the process, and I apparently ordered the cheesecake.

The dessert menu in the main dining room on the night we had the saffron menu.
Royal Caribbean cheesecake.

This wasn’t as good as the appetizer and the entree. Perhaps I has simply full at this point, although I previously noted that the dessert on the first night wasn’t fantastic. To my judgment, they do a better job with the first two courses than with the last one. Still, this was an excellent meal overall.

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