Mojo Main Dining Room Menu on Royal Caribbean

Mojo dinner menu on Royal Caribbean
The dinner menu from Night 1 on the Liberty of the Seas. The note saying “exclusive to suite guests” was only for room service; this was the main dining room menu for all passengers.


One of my favorite parts of cruises is eating in the main dining room (MDR). I like getting to know the waiters, and I like having the waiters getting to know me. We sailed Royal Caribbean and cruised on the Liberty of the Seas earlier this year, and I am going to post all seven dinner menus from the MDR. Please ignore where it says “Exclusive to Suite Guests.” We were staying in a Grand Suite and had the option of ordering this via room service, but it was exactly the same menu as was available for everyone in the dining room. The “Mojo” main dining room menu was a great way to start the cruise.

Day 1 MDR dessert menu

This was Royal Caribbean‘s “Mojo” menu. These are theoretically themed menus, although that only seems to impact a limited range of dishes each night– essentially, just the pork chop that I ordered. Royal does a nice job of providing both some mainstays which appear on the menu every night as well as some rotating menus to change things up. We started with appetizers, because cruises seem like a bad time to diet. My wife got the eggplant and artichoke tart, and I enjoyed the shrimp cocktail:

Eggplant and artichoke tart
Royal Caribbean shrimp cocktail.

I was impressed that the tart was presented this nicely. It tasted fine, although it is hard to keep the crust flaky when you are cooking for several thousand people. The shrimp cocktail was actually really good, and it was served nicely chilled. It only came with four shrimp, but the glorious thing about a cruise is that you can always order more. For my entree, I ordered the pork chop:

Mojo marinated grilled pork chop.

This is the third time I have ordered pork on a Royal Caribbean ship, and every time it come out tender and juicy. That is impressive. The marinade was a touch sweet for my taste, although it was still very good. I was completely full at this point, but since it was the first night of the cruise I had to order dessert. I went with the creme brulee:

Creme brulee

This wasn’t as good as when we sailed on the Navigator of the Seas in 2015. It was fine, but I probably should have passed up those calories. Still, it was an excellent meal overall. I will post the rest of the menus for the week over the next several days, and I will do my best to also provide pictures of what we ate. Happy cruising!

Other Royal Caribbean Main Dining Room Menus:

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