Royal Caribbean Main Dining Room Menu Shiitake

The Shiitake dinner menu in main dining room (MDR) on the Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas on the June 25, 2017 sailing. The notes about suite guests at the top only applied to room service, and this menu was available to all in the MDR.

We sailed on the Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas out of Galveston on June 25, 2017. I am slowly posting each Royal Caribbean Main Dining Room menu from that week in hopes that the will be helpful to someone– I always like having an idea of what I am going to eat on a big trip. Each night picks a theme, although I confess that sometimes it is hard to pick out what actual impact the theme has had on the menu. Whatever it was, Shiitake night was excellent.

One of the smallish errors that Royal makes in the main dining room (MDR) is that the try to imitate dishes they serve in their specialty restaurants. Earlier in the week, we had eaten lunch in Chops and had a fantastic experience. Part of that lunch was eating the carpaccio, so I decided to try it in the MDR. The dish in the MDR was very good, but the problem is that I was comparing it to the  same dish I had in the specialty restaurant. The presentation didn’t come off as week, and it was just missing something. Still, that was a solid start to the meal.

I am normally a fan of the pork products on Royal Caribbean, but for this meal I decided to go with the shrimp gyoza. Lest you have grand visions of someone in the kitchen lovingly hand-crafting each dumpling, don’t. We went on the ship’s all access tour and saw boxes of the things. That said… this is essentially a very large banquet, and they deliver banquet food on a very high level. The gyoza were good and were presented nicely, and this was also a relatively smaller plate of food. That is important by halfway through the cruise, because at some point you are just way too full.

Shiitake dessert menu on Royal Caribbean.

The dessert menu didn’t present anything exceptional. My favorite thing to do was use my drink package just to get a cappucino. The combination of the carpaccio and shrimp gyoza, however, made for an excellent dinner that was also small as cruise ship meals go. Happy sailing!

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