Day 3 Royal Caribbean Main Dining Room Basil Menu

Basil menu in the Royal Caribbean main dining room. It varies which night this is served on, but for us it was night 3– the second consecutive sea day en route to Roatan. Please ignore the text “Exclusive to Suite Guests.” Only guests in suites could get it through room service, but this was the dinner menu for all passengers.

Day 3 of our cruise out of Galveston this Summer on Royal Caribbean saw us on our second consecutive sea day en route to Roatan, Honduras. The Main Dining Room (MDR) was serving their Basil menu, which means that at least one dish had a basil theme. This wasn’t a fantastic meal, but it was the third consecutive solid performance out of the hardworking staff in the main kitchen.

I started with the cream of mushroom soup. You wouldn’t think that a hot soup would be good in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico during the last week of June, but it was fantastic. It wasn’t quite as good as when I ordered the same soup the day before for lunch in Chops– I think they didn’t put as much truffle oil in it– but it was still an excellent start to the meal. It also paired nicely with the orecchiette pasta I had as my entree:

Orechiette pasta with a beef short rib ragu in the main dining room on the Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas.

I wrote yesterday that the kitchen did a nice job of keeping my fish tender and moist. I was impressed that the very large banquet operation which is the MDR  on the Liberty of the Seas was able to turn out pasta done to a perfect firmness. The sauce was also superb. I hope I was able to restrain myself from ordering seconds, but by this point in the cruise I’m not making any promises.

The dessert menu in the main dining room on the night of the Basil menu.

I ordered the cherries jubilee for dessert that night. It is said that shipboard safety regulations meant they couldn’t actually light it on fire at your table, but it was very good. I also ordered a cappuccino which was covered by my drink package and helped me  power through the rest of the evening. There weren’t any real standouts on this menu, but it was still very good overall.

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