Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas

The view from the Tea Lounge at the Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas. This non-gaming property offers beautiful views both inside and out.

We love to go to Las Vegas and gamble. We have a whole page of Las Vegas reviews, and a lot of our YouTube Shorts are about gambling rules. However, not every trip is about gambling. Sometimes we want a quieter and less crowded, and there are quite a few non-gaming hotels that try to provide that experience. One of the best is the Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas. The Waldorf is located right in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip, and Bill stayed there last month. Wondering if a non-gaming property like this might be for you? In this post, we talk about the room, the hotel bar, the pool and spa, the unique high tea experience, and the very few potential downsides.

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