Carnival Faster to the Fun (FTTF) on your Galveston cruise

Purchase Carnival Faster to the Fun through their shore excursions page well in advance of your cruise.
Purchase Carnival Faster to the Fun through their shore excursions page well in advance of your cruise.

I am sailing on Carnival next year, and I am excited. I have taken several cruises on Royal Caribbean, and I love them. However, it was time to try something new. One of the things I love on Royal is their suite perks, and this is something where I feel that Carnival is lacking. To make up for that, I just bought Carnival Faster to the Fun for my cruise early next year. While I will obviously review that earlier next year, I want to let you know what it is and how to but it if that fits with your vacation plans.

I booked my cruise a couple of months ago, because I always book in advance. I love having many months to look forward to my cruise. Also, I specifically wanted to try Carnival. I tried the Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas in 2015, the Liberty of the Seas in 2017, and I am again sailing on the Liberty this month. It has been a great experience, and it is still time to try something new.

I usually travel with my family, so I like having a little bit more space. I have always booked a suite on Royal, and I did this same thing on Carnival. On both ships, that gives me more space. However, on RCCL that also gives me a number of suite perks. Carnival does not replicate those benefits. One of the things I value on vacation is not standing in line. so I was looking for a way to replicate that. Carnival Faster to the Fun (FTTF) replicates a large part of that, and they explain the benefits on their web site.

Carnival does gives a number of benefits when you buy a suite. They grant priority security and check-in. Carnival also takes care of things like priority dining reservations and tender tickets. However, problems sometimes occur on your cruise. A suite on Carnival does not grant concierge access. FTTF also lets you access your stateroom early, gives your priority luggage delivery, and gives many of the other perks of staying in a suite.

Carnival Faster to the Fun is not always available. Availability varies depending on how many passengers with the highest elite statuses are booked on the cruise. However, when it is available it is a great deal. I paid $79.95 for everyone in my cabin on a five day cruise. To purchase, log in to your reservation and look at shore excursions. Select your port of embarkation, and if it is available it will come up. If it is not available, check back later. Is FTTF for everyone? No. However, it is an option worth considering if you want many of the perks a suite normally brings.

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