Planning your cruise on the Royal Caribbean app

The Royal Caribbean app opens about 4 weeks before your cruise.
The Royal Caribbean app opens about 4 weeks before your cruise.

I spend a *ton* of time planning my cruises. For me, one of the real joys of cruising is spending many months anticipating what is to come. I also LOVE to eat. I am cruising next week. We booked this cruise in November 2017, and we are sailing with friends. The Royal Caribbean app started loading information about our cruise exactly 4 weeks before embarkation. Let’s look at what this app will and will not do.

To be clear, this review covers what the app will do when sailing from Galveston. Specifically, we are sailing on the Liberty of the Seas. In some other ports, it also offers additional check-in features. For Galveston, however, it still offers a lot of functionality. I opened the app many times, and it didn’t really contain any information. That changed exactly four weeks before the cruise.

On that morning, I logged in an noticed a button with a fork and knife. It had menus. I immediately spent the morning planning what I was going to eat for dinner each night in the main dining room (MDR). I also noticed something important. If you click “My Time Dining”– this is located on Deck 3 for my cruise– it also has the breakfast and lunch menus for the MDR. The Royal Caribbean app also has menus for several other dining outlets around the ship.

The Royal Caribbean app will show you menus several weeks before your cruise.

The other useful functionality is deck maps. You can log in to the app for free on board. That will be a huge help in finding where you are going on an enormous ship. Before the cruise, maps also help you find out what is near your cabin.

The Royal Caribbean app purports to have daily activity schedules. I am not about a week out from my Liberty of the Seas cruise. That hasn’t happened yet. However, it will likely be tremendously useful on board. I will update you if the activity schedule opens up before the cruise.

I am excited to see how the Royal Caribbean app actually works once we are onboard. For now, however, it is helping me anticipate a great event. I will post more during and after the cruise.

Since I told you I like menus, some MDR views from our last cruise on the Liberty:

3 thoughts on “Planning your cruise on the Royal Caribbean app

  1. My cruise is still 75 days out. I did my check in process today, but I did it online, not in the app. I received an email saying my set sail pass would be in the app also, but it’s not. Was yours?

    1. What the app does varies by ship. On the Liberty, no, it did not have the ability to use my phone as a Set Sail pass. I still needed paper for that.

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