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The Royal Caribbean Main Dining Room Menu on Liberty of the Seas included lobster tail on the second formal night.
The Royal Caribbean Main Dining Room Menu on Liberty of the Seas included lobster tail on the second formal night.

I am one of those people who plans restaurant meals way in advance. I like to know what I am getting. When booking a cruise, that helps me determine if I am selecting the right trip. We sailed with Royal Caribbean earlier this month. I wanted to share the Royal Caribbean main dining room menu with you in case you like to plan in advance as I do!

I made several general observations. First, Royal Caribbean has significantly improved their vegetarian options since my 2017 cruise. I certainly enjoy meat, but it was nice to have the option. In addition, the Royal Caribbean main dining room menu always included at least one fish dish.

Secondly, the free steaks in the main dining room were quite good. My kids had one several nights. As a concerned father, I had to sample them. The steaks were legitimately good. Surprisingly, the spaghetti was also always cooked to an appropriate al dente.

What about other meals in the MDR?

Finally, the MDR was an excellent location for breakfast and lunch. The breakfast menu was the same every day. However, it was broad enough to have plenty of variety. The MDR only served lunch on sea days, although the menu changed each time. The lunch service included an excellent salad bar. Stayed tuned for menus from the specialty restaurants over the next few days. Happy eating!

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  1. Thanks for sharing all the menus. You mentioned vegetarian options. Do you know if they had a seperate vegetarian menu each night?

    1. They did not. However, they had one vegetarian entree each night. I am also certain they would have worked within the ingredients they had to create something, If one was vegan rather than vegetarian, I would urge them to contact the cruise line in advance to make dining arrangements. If one is vegetarian, there are a number of options.

  2. Hi Bill – thank you so much for posting these. I just got off Harmony, and so sad that I forgot to take pictures (I only have a few), and they are exactly the same as what we had (there are some differences with the menus). May I ask how you were able to capture them so well? I tried using my iPhone, but they were not as clear!

    1. Hi, Ann! Rather than taking pictures, I installed a PDF scanning app on my phone. That works pretty well for stuff like menus. I am glad the menus are the same- I really enjoyed the MDR offerings.

  3. I really like their spaghetti bolognese, and seeing that it’s on the kids menu every night? Nice! Sometimes I just want spaghetti! Thank you for posting these

    1. We traveled with another family last year. Between us, we had six kids. They did a great job of keeping kid friendly dishes on the menu every night. Even some of the adult classics were good and always available. I am excited to see what they offer when we can eventually return to cruising.

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