Royal Caribbean Specialty Restaurant Menus

The NY steak salad at Chops Grille on the Liberty of the Seas in July 2019. Royal Caribbean specialty menus cost extra, but they provide an alternative to the MDR and the buffet.
The NY steak salad at Chops Grille on the Liberty of the Seas in July 2019. Royal Caribbean specialty restaurants cost extra, but they provide an alternative to the MDR and the buffet.

Royal Caribbean makes a wide variety of food available to passengers. I am a big fan of the main dining room (MDR), for example. I previously posted the MDR menus. Our YouTube channel also reviewed the buffet at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, sometimes you want something a little different. Today, let me share the Royal Caribbean specialty restaurants menus from the Liberty of the Seas in July 2019. I will also share my observations about each restaurant.

Chops Grille

We like Chops Grille so much that we at there for lunch on embarkation day. It is our favorite of the Royal Caribbean specialty restaurants. While the menu at lunch is limited, there are still plenty of great choices. You also avoid a crowded lunch buffet and don’t miss dinner in the MDR. The dessert menu was the same for both meals. The suite breakfast is only available to passengers staying in a Grand Suite or higher. However, that was an amazing option for us since we were in a nice suite. Chops Grille is located to the right as you enter the buffet.


We ate at Giovanni’s in 2017. It was fine, but it was also the last day of the cruise. We were tired and full at that point. John Brawley Tophat, who occasionally writes for us here, took his Italian mother there twice last month. Apparently, she is a huge fan of the eggplant parmigiana. On both nights, they ate there after having already eaten in the MDR. His opinion is thus higher than mine, but Giovanni’s is certainly worth a look. Giovanni’s is located to the left as you enter the buffet.


I am a sixth generation Texan. I lived in Mexico City for two years. I swore I would never, ever, never, never, never ever never eat at a Mexican restaurant on a cruise ship sailing from Texas to Mexico. It just seemed… wrong. It turns out I was only half right. The food is everything you would expect from cruise ship kitsch, but the margaritas were superb.

Why did I break my sacred vow to never eat there? My kid wanted to take the guacamole making class. Cool. The class itself wasn’t great. However, lunch was included. As appetizers, they brought us guacamole, queso fundido, chili calamari, and chicken-stuffed jalapenos. Those were all excellent, so we looked forward to the entrees. The “pato gordo” came with cheese in it. That wasn’t on the menu. It also was just weird. Who puts cheese on duck? Whatever tacos I ordered were so forgettable that I forgot them. The margaritas, however, redeemed the experience. They were superb… particularly the one with a jalapeno floating around.

Room Service

Whether room service is free or extra-fee is a complicated question. Generally speaking, Royal Caribbean charges $7.95 plus 18% gratuity per order for room service. However, continental breakfast is free. Room service is also free is you are in a grand suite or higher. In that case, they will also bring you whatever you want from the main dining room when it is open. Room service can be slow, but sitting on your balcony with bacon and a cup of coffee is amazing.

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  1. Thanks for the menus and reviews! I booked the unlimited dining for my cruise in Sept, going to try all 3 and Johnny Rockets.
    What night would you recommend I not miss the MDR? Lobster night?
    I was thinking some nights specialty dinner early then MDR late at night but might reverse that, hoping to dine at sunset one of the nights if any of the restaurants have a great view.
    I upgraded from the three night dining to the unlimited because I want to do Johnny Rockets For lunch a couple of times while I’m there and I’m not a fan of the buffett crowds on port days for lunch.
    I have “the key” chops lunch that first day but since I have unlimited dining too I might eat at the real chops instead of the MDR you mentioned in a previous post.

    1. For the MDR, log in to the Royal Caribbean app 3-4 weeks before your cruise to see what looks best. I certainly enjoyed Lobster night, but there were things I enjoyed every night. Chops and Giovanni’s both have great views. Happy sailing!

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