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A view from the Bellagio toward the Paris in Las Vegas.

Howdy, Dine Drink Travel fans! I wanted to take a minute to let you know about a small change in content on our website. We have 5200 subscribers on this page who came for our coverage of cruises and trips to Galveston. We appreciate every one of you. We are committed to continuing to provide the same great coverage for you– focused reviews of particular topics for your trip. No long videos of people eating, no 30 minute reviews where we vent our spleen about whatever is on our mind– just clear answers to specific questions about your travel plans. We have a trip scheduled on the Carnival Vista this Summer, and I cannot tell you how much my family and friends are looking forward to that.

Unfortunately, the last couple of years has been rough on the ability to participate in international travel. That means we haven’t provided as much content as we should have. Happily, we have still been able to travel a little bit. As luck would have it, we have actually been to Las Vegas quite a few times. Dine Drink Travel actually has a couple of different sides now. Galveston Cruise Reviews will maintain a YouTube channel and its own social media presence. At the same time, we are pleased to announced that Dine Drink Travel will also be bringing you the Dine Drink Vegas YouTube channel and social media outlets. Here on the website, we will post a link to each of those stories from both channels to help you find them. We will also continue to post things like menus and other items which are better as still photos.

I cannot tell you how much your support over the last several years has meant, and we are excited to provide you as much relevant content as possible. We would love it if you subscribed to both channels, and you can always follow here for more news and to know when we post our latest stories. Please check out some of our newest Dine Drink Vegas videos:

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