Delano Las Vegas: Where Luxury and Value Meet

The Delano Las Vegas has beautiful rooms that are usually available at a reasonable price.
The Delano Las Vegas has beautiful rooms that are usually available at a reasonable price.

Earlier this year, we did a review of the El Cortez, and we even did a podcast episode on that property. That is because sometimes we need to economize on our trips. Still, you have probably noticed that we have talked about things like the VIP lounges at Bellagio and the Aria Sky Suites. That is because we pretty much always want an upscale experience in Vegas. So what do you do when you have Bellagio tastes on an El Cortez budget? The Delano Las Vegas may be the perfect spot for you.

What makes the Delano feel premium?

The Delano has a lot of advantages, but one of the most important is that every room is a two room suite. I have video room tours at the bottom of this post, but that is huge if you are entertaining. For example, we had a group of 5 go over Labor Day. This meant we all had a quiet spot to watch football games where we could just pour our own drinks. That was relatively easy since the living room has a bar. You have to buy your own materials, but that is easy to do. Even better, there is a guest toilet in the living room. That means your friends don’t need to go into your bedroom. That can also be a huge advantage if you have more than one person staying in the room.

The bar in my suite at the Delano Las Vegas. No idea who the fat man holding a camera is, though.

The fact that the rooms are large comes with another huge benefit. The place is simply less crowded. That particularly comes into play when you are waiting for elevators– with fewer guests on each floor, the elevators always seem to get where they are going more quickly. There also aren’t usually many people in the lobby, and the hotel bar is a lovely space to have a quiet conversation.

Everything about this hotel feels premium, and I hope you will watch the videos below to check it out. It isn’t the same sort of ostentatious premium of Bellagio, but the rooms are usually much cheaper. As a bonus, you can walk to Allegiant Stadium and TMobile Arena.

What if you want the energy and amenities of a larger Las Vegas hotel?

I have stayed at the Delano Las Vegas twice this year, and I initially thought I would miss the amenities of the larger hotels. It turns out I was wrong. First, see my review of the Waldorf Astoria. It turns out that staying in an upscale non-gaming hotel is lovely all by itself. However, the Delano has a major difference– it is physically connected to the Mandalay Bay. Literally, it isn’t two minutes from the Delano lobby to the Mandalay casino floor. You are in air conditioning the whole time, and I have spent more time walking inside Caesar’s. Once you are inside Mandalay Bay, it is an easy walk to Luxor or the Four Seasons. You have full access to all Mandalay Bay amenities as well– even the pool. You just gain a sense of calm and quiet.

Is the Delano my favorite spot on the Las Vegas Strip? No, sometimes I want over the top fancy. Sometimes I am looking for a different vibe entirely. However, it is a beautiful spot with great connections to everything else. It is definitely worth checking out.

Videos of the Delano Las Vegas

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