Royal Caribbean lobster night

Royal Caribbean lobster night lets guest order unlimited lobster tails.
Royal Caribbean lobster night lets guest order unlimited lobster tails.

For me, one of the highlights of every cruise is the food. It doesn’t matter whether it is the main dining room, the specialty restaurants, or the buffet. I like good food in a nice setting. Royal Caribbean lobster night is a great example. While it has changed a little since our last cruise, the important things are there. You can have all the lobster tails you want, and there are several other excellent choices on the menu.

Let me start by giving you an idea of what I mean by “all the lobster tails you want.” We sailed the Liberty of the Seas in July 2019. Several members of our party ordered two to start with. Others decided later in the meal that they wanted lobster. Our waiter literally brought a tray of lobster tails out at that point. It might not have been the most elegant presentation, but it was delicious.

There were also several people in our group who didn’t care for lobster. Cool. The menu that night offered the normal variety of dishes. While I am not proud of the gluttony involved, I ordered the prime rib… in addition to the lobster. There may also have been Baked Alaska involved.

Prime rib was also an option on Royal Caribbean lobster night.
The second formal night offered Baked Alaska for dessert.

Royal Caribbean does not offer lobster on shorter cruises. It is consistently offered on the second formal night of our cruises on the Liberty of the Seas. It is always a highlight… as long as you come hungry enough!

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