Chops Grille Lunch Menu (with 2019 update)

Chops Grille lunch menu on Liberty of the Seas, 26 June 2017.
Chops Grille lunch menu on Liberty of the Seas, 26 June 2017.

2019 update— I can confirm that very little has changed from my original post. We sailed the Liberty again in July 2019 and were offered the same menu. It was excellent. The price, however, had increased to $21. You can see the current menu here. The original post follows below.

We always eat in the main dining room or the buffet on cruises. Our theory is that we paid for it, so we should eat what we paid for. On our June 25 cruise on the Liberty of the Seas we finally decided to try a specialty restaurant and enjoyed the Chops Grille lunch. Priced at $19, it was a great addition to our cruise. While the menu was more limited than it is at dinner, that was a fine tradeoff for the lower price we paid. The food was delicious.

What did we eat?

I couldn’t decide what to try for an appetizer, so I did the only logical thing (to a person on a cruise who is fully utilizing the drinks package)- I got two. The shrimp cocktail was good, but unexceptional. The shrimp were large and served over ice with a traditional horseradish cocktail sauce on the side.

Shrimp cocktail in Chops Grille on the Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas.

The beef carpaccio, however, stole the show. As you can see from the picture below, they used an incredibly rich cut of meat. The mustard and oil sauce was a nice compliment, and I enjoyed the bits of crumbled salt on the top.

Beef carpaccio appetizer from the Chops Grille lunch menu. We dined there on the Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas.

Me being me, there was a third delicious appetizer I wanted to try. Fortunately, I was dining with my wife. She ordered the mushroom soup, and that may have been even better than the carpaccio. She also ordered the cheeseburger for her entree, and that was worthy of being a steakhouse burger. I, however, decided to be virtuous and order the salad… a caesar salad, anyway… with a NY strip on top. That led to the only weird moment of the meal: They initially brought out my salad without the steak on it. When they came back with the correct entree, it was essentially just a steak laid on top of a salad. No worries, however, as this steak was phenomenal. Seriously, I am proud of what I cook at home on my grill. This was that good.

Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas Chops Grille lunch entree. I had the caesar salad with the NY strip.

Final verdict on the Chops Grille lunch menu

All told, this was $19 per person that I was happy to spend. Dessert was also offered, although by that point in the meal I could not have comfortably enjoyed it. Lunch was also offered for children for $19, although our kids were with friends at Johnny Rocket’s just then. This was a great addition to our cruise, and for my money I would rather go at lunch than at dinner.

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